GLP Newsletter Issue No. 7 (March 2011)

Articles: Community building, priority setting, scientific exchange - the GLP 2010 Open Science Meeting: ‘Land Systems, Global Change and Sustainability’; Feeding and fuelling the world 2050 - a new perspective on the food versus fuel debate; Collaborators welcome - Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project; Representation and mapping of ecosystem goods and services; Dynamics, Metrics, Services and Scenarios for Eco systems in North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, USA; Challenge of International Long-Term Ecological Research network (ILTER) for Socio-Ecological Land Sciences; Long Term Socio-Ecological Research (LTSER) across Temporal and Spatial Scales; The GLP mindset in action: New EU-FP7 project VOLANTE develops visions for future land use transitions in Europe; Spatial Land Use Change and Ecological Effects at the Rural-Urban Interface - SLUCE; Proambiente: Initial Lessons From an Environmental Service Program in the Brazilian Amazon; Economic globalization as a dominant cause of land change; Restoring forests at home can lead to deforestation abroad; Connecting scaling and governance in policy making; Spatial patterns and driving forces of land use change in China during the early 21st century; Dramatic agricultural land use change in Eastern Inner Mongolia, China: Responses and implications to ecological restoration projects; GLP and CCAFS: Potential for cooperation between scientific communities

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