GLP Newsletter Issue No. 10 (June 2014)

Perspective: Globalization and land use in Latin America

Articles: Using the planet; Coping with a land-grab world: lessons from Laos; Challenges for land-system modeling in the domain of food, bioenergy and water; Can UNESCO Biosphere Reserves bridge the apparant gap between land sharing and land sparing?; Science-policy dialogue for managing land use change: bridges and barriers; Geospatial technologies, indigenous institutions and sustaniable land governance in developing countries; Tree cover transitions in tropical landscapes: hypotheses and cross-continental synthesis; REDD-PAC: modeling land-use at global and national scales to support REDD+ policies; Monitoring global and local land transformations: how can remote sensing and GIS help?; Global Geo-Referenced Field Photo Library; Globalizing our understanding of land-use change; GeoDMA: a toolbox integrating data mining with object-based and multi-temporal analysis of satellite remotely sensed imagery

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